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Don't Move a Muscle, I'll Do it for You!

Mary Fertig, 11/5/2009

As a typical hard working mother I am pulled in a million directions.  Over the years I have treated myself to massages at several local, well-known spas.  Certainly on vacation I never passed up an opportunity to hit the spa for a massage!  Honestly I always felt good immediately afterwards but found that the benefits were minimal and very short lived.  In fact it seemed to me that often the masseuse was simply going through the motions of their particular "routine."  

Recently, I changed jobs and discovered that chair massage by Rubman Massage Therapy was offered at my new place of employment.  Ten months later, I am a complete believer in the therapeutic benefits of a superior, customized massage!!  In fact I dare say that what I had experienced before at salons was a lesser imitation.

True to the claims on his website, Marc Rubman has developed a unique combination of methods that really work. His expert techniques cater to my specific concerns and changing needs.  With hardly a word from me, he amazingly locates all sources of pain and discomfort, then uses various methods, customizing each session to provide relief.  I am always physically and mentally restored after the session...and the best part is, the benefits really last!  I always feel lighter, more clear-minded, and ready to face the world.  Marc receives my highest recommendation.

Gail Bailey, 11/24/2009

Marc Rubman is a massage therapist par excellence!  Working with Marc has restored a level of flexibility that I can enjoy for the first time in years.  His holistic approach to serving my specific requirements is helping me to be healthy and productive.  In addition, his advice about stretching and exercise has helped me maintain a consistent degree of wellness.  I highly recommend Marc Rubman to anyone who desires to improve and maintain their quality of life.

Julie Halstead, 1/11/2011

I want to thank you for the fantastic massage yesterday which left me feeling much healthier than when I walked in.  I have never been able to get regular massages, but have had about a half dozen in the past couple of years, and your work is the best, hands down (no pun intended).  Of course, with a name like "Rubman" I should have expected that!  It is evident in your work that you have an in depth knowledge of anatomy, muscle groups, and how they all work together. Also, I like the way you make things up as you go, depending on what you think is needed each time, and the way you balance both sides of the body perfectly.  I am looking forward to my next one!

Andy Robbins, 3/3/2016

Marc is truly a master of massage therapy. His training and expertise make him a master at his craft. Marc makes each massage unique. Through his experience, Marc has the ability to know and sense how to apply his technique to make each massage therapeutic and relaxing. Marc's "office" his massage studio, is a perfect serene atmosphere that compliments his passion and commitment to providing an extraordinary therapeutic massage.

Ellen Julian, 3/18/2016

Marc has been helping me stand straight and move loosely for several years. His work makes such a difference that my husband has learned to answer any complaints I have about stiffness with, "How long 'til your next massage?" Highly recommended.

Martha Price, 3/18/2016

Marc has been my massage therapist for about 8 years. I won't go to anyone else! I swear he has magic in his hands; he can find tight spots I didn't even know were there. He doesn't have a "formula". He listens to your body and delivers what is needed. No two massages are the same. I consider him to be a vital part of my health care.

Anna Barshay, 3/21/2016

Marc is an exceptional massage therapist. The myofascial release technique he applies is very efficient to release tension. I always feel great after the massage. He is professional and courteous. Highly recommend his service!





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